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As a veteran of Washington, DC politics for over 30 years, including many formal testimonies before US Congressional Committees and Federal Agency hearings, I am sharing my insights on important political and economic/financial issues to the GCC.  Indeed, as one of the earliest forecasters in 2001 of the 2008 Financial Crisis, I have informally advised US Members of Congress and US Senators during the Financial Crisis including my proprietary negative equity mortgage modification program.  I continue to consult with many Wall Street investment firms.  My most recent articles on the 2008 Financial Crisis and Financial Engineering will be available soon.  Many of these insights were presented in my first book, CREDIT CARD NATION: America's Dangerous Addiction to Credit (2000) and the 2006-07 documentary, IN DEBT WE TRUST: America Before the Bubble Bursts.  Since 2014, I have taught and conducted research in Business Colleges in Saudi Arabia and UAE. My research on economic issues and entrepreneurship in GCC will also be available through this site. Based on these GCC experiences, my objective is to offer clarity and in-depth analysis of important political and economic issues from a US perspective--especially from unique points of view from Washington, DC and Wall Street.

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