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It’s a FLY on Mike Pence’s Head… No, It’s Jim Carrey… No, It’s Jeff Goldbloom.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, the longest running US political satire tv program, featured a long segment on the US Vice-Presidential debate.  The “spoof” of the debate featured a stellar cast that included Jim Carrey as Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden, Maya Rudolph as Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, Beck Bennett as Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Mike Pence, and Kate McKinnon as Susan Page (USA Today Washington Bureau Chief) who moderated the debate. This partisan portrayal of the Vice-President debate rankled Republican partisans (as intended) while hilariously underscored the political chasm between the Democratic and Republican campaigns.  Notably, the fly that landed on Vice-President Pence’s head during the debate is now enshrined in American popular culture lore. 

Watch the SNL Vice-Presidential Debate satire at 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs fly on Pence's head at debate

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