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As we say in America, all discussions of politics and economics must recognize the current “Elephant in the Room.”  The divisive politics of the US Presidential electoral campaign is crucial to the future political and economic stabilization of American society as well as the global repercussions of the policies of the next US President and US Congress.  WHO will be the next US President (Joe Biden OR Donald Trump) will most likely be accompanied by a majority of the US Senate (especially important for US Foreign Policy) as the Democrats currently have a solid majority in the US House of Representatives.   A Trump win will ensure a divide government whereas a Biden victory will most likely proceed with a "united" government eager to address the multiplicity of crises confronting American and the world.  Furthermore, this election will determine whether the US will pursue an Isolationist foreign policy or resume its global leadership position in addressing critical international issues. 

Currently, the US Congress is divided (majority of US Senators is Republicans, majority of US House of Representatives is Democrats). This is why President Trump has ruled by Executive Order (fiat!); the US House of Representatives will not pass legislation that is introduced by the Republican controlled US Senate as directed by President Trump. If elected, it is expected that the Democratic candidate for President will overturn nearly all of the Executive Orders promulgated by President Trump. This includes both domestic and international policies. Needless to say, a shift in US policies from Present Trump to President Biden will dramatically change in style and substance. This will commence with the inauguration of the next President on January 20th, 2021.

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