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The Vice-President Debate: The Fly in the Room!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

With the oldest US Presidential candidates in US history on the November 3rd ballot, the Wednesday debate between US Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Vice-President Mike Pence (R-IN) was surprisingly watched by over 57 million viewers; the Presidential debate attracted 73 million tv viewers.  Although a crucial opportunity for the TRUMP-PENCE campaign to resurrect its focus on crucial policy distinctions with its Democratic opponents, the debate will be remembered more for Vice-President Pence’s lack of factual responses and deliberate distortions of BIDEN-HARRIS policy positions.  And, more symbolically, that a fly landed on his head for over two minutes!  The BIDEN-HARRIS campaign immediately marketed and sold out of 35,000 fly swatters after the debate.


According to The New York Times, “Rather than laying out his honest disagreements with Harris and Joe Biden — be they on tax policy, abortion, policing, immigration, the environment, or any number of other issues — Vice-President Pence misrepresented the Trump administration’s record and Biden’s….  Pence was far more dishonest. At several points, he seemed to want to run on a record that didn’t exist.”  This has been a consistent theme of the TRUMP-PENCE Administration.  It blatantly conflates fact with opinion and spins inconvenient truths as opposition “hit jobs” even when based on unassailable facts.  This began with the first day of the Trump Administration. Remember when the US President declared that the Inauguration crowd was the largest in history even though aerial photographs documented that the Obama crowds were much larger?

At present, the central objective of the TRUMP-PENCE campaign is to shift the focus away from its malfeasant COVID-19 responses, concerted efforts to end the successful OBAMA CARE health insurance program (with protections for pre-existing conditions), and dismantle “Green” policies that address the global consequences of “climate change.” Instead, the President’s objective is to distort the BIDEN-HARRIS ticket as “Socialist,” implicitly promoting social unrest in cities, actively inciting divisive racist politics (especially in the suburbs), and undermining the integrity of the electoral process through voter fraud. For these and many other reasons, CNN’s national poll reported the winner of the debate to be Senator Harris with approximately 59% lauding her performances versus about 38% for Vice-President Pence. Ultimately, the Vice-Presidential debate was a HUGE opportunity lost for President Trump—especially with the cancellation of the second Presidential debate. Indeed, it failed to reverse the growing momentum of public opinion away from supporting his re-election campaign.

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