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STATE of PLAY of US Presidential Election…

Will The Carefully Orchestrated Republican Voter Suppression Strategy Succeed?

With the US Postal Service failing to deliver all mail-in ballots by 3pm on Election Day, as mandated by the US Federal Court ruling, it highlights the crucial role of the Republicans’ voter suppression campaign in the election of the next US President.  Indeed, President Donald Trump declared victory in the early morning of November 4th by insisting that no more votes should be counted in battleground states that Trump had led in the vote tabulations.  In particular, Michigan.  This is a violation of the US Constitutional process for tallying legally submitted ballots.  More bluster by the US President in an effort to undermine public confidence in the electoral outcome… if he loses.

So, where does the US Presidential election stand at 7:30 am EST on Wednesday?  Is the razor thin difference between President Donald Trump and past Vice-President Joe Biden a fait accompli for the incumbent?  At this time, Joe Biden has received approximately 2.55 million more votes than Donald Trump.  Is it time to anoint the KING?

Well, not so fast…  If Biden maintains his current lead in the states of Maine, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, then he will win a TOTAL of 255 Electoral College votes.  270 are required to win the US Presidential election.  The recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision to require all ballots to be received by 8 pm on Election day (versus prior policy of counting ballots up to two weeks later if postmarked on Nov 3rd) may be determinative of who will be the next US President.  This is because the Court’s decision will invalidate thousands of Democratic votes received after 8 pm due to the successful strategy of eroding the efficiency of the USPS mail delivery process. 

Even so, with 90% of polls reporting in Michigan AND with several Democratic strongholds yet to complete the submission of their voting results, it may be another ‘nail biter’ to the finish line…  At 6:30 am CST, Donald Trump’s lead in Michigan had shrunk to only 12,500 votes.  If Joe Biden wins Michigan and its 16 Electoral votes, THEN he wins the US Presidency with 270 votes

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