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America Loses a Rock ‘n Roll Legend…

Virtuoso Guitarist Eddie Van Halen of the 80s Iconic Group VAN HALEN succumbed to throat cancer at 65 years old.  Please, don’t remind me, hard to believe how fast the years pass by… His son, Wolf Van Halen declared Eddie, “the best father you could ever have…  I treasured every day that I had with him…”  For Rock ‘n Roll purists, enjoy his 1986 solo concert performance of “Eruption”

My personal favorite, which reflects our current economic conditions and optimism of the future, is the 1984 classic “JUMP,”  where ‘I get up and nothin' gets me down…’ 

RIP Eddie…  Thank you for the memories…  and reminding us to “get up …  [don’t let] nothin’ get us down…”  Hope you are Jumping in the heavens…

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